Even Amidst Water Scarcity, African Children Celebrate # 2015GlobalHandWashingDay.

by Temitope Obayendo

The picture above vividly tell the story of millions of African Children who continuously struggle to strike a balance between theories and practices.They have been told today is Global Hand Washing Day and the importance of not just  washing their hands with water only, but the imperative of washing hands with soap and running water.

In view of this global commemoration, and the need to stay germs free, these kids strive to have fair share of the meagre facilities at their disposals to meet their needs, but this is quite challenging and a rigorous process for these future leaders.

Narrowing the scenario home to Nigeria, although the Ebola outbreak forced most schools (Public and private) to erect  make-shift running water and soap for hand-hygiene, but these facilities would have long disappeared after the we are declared free from the virus.

It is hence pertinent upon the new government of President Buhari to ensure and insist that there is running water, soap and other facilities for schools, public and private institutions,  for the rural communities, etc, not just for the celebration of Global Hand Washing Day, but for our society to be germs and diseases free.

#GlobalHandWashingDay2015 #MakingNigeriaDiseaseFree


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