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How to Get Your Long-Awaited 2018 Expectations Suddenly-A Testifier’s Account

As the Year 2018 winds up in a couple of days, a Facebook User with the name Busayo Adegboyega Idowu has taken to her page to tell her friends how to get their long-awaited 2018 miracles SUDDENLY.

Narrating her true life story, of how God catapulted her from being a debtor and a no-car-owner to a creditor and owner of a brand new car of her choice, the optimistic Busayo, told the Facebook community that whatever their expectations in 2018 are still very possible, provided they can believe God, like she did.

According to her, few days to the Year 2013 Xmas, she had no grain of rice in her house, she was owing her staff salaries, and longing to get her choice car, but all these seemed unattainable, until she went to PRAY… And SUDDENLY…

Hear her out …

I was only able to pay half salary to my staff with a promise of faith that before 31st December, I would pay up. They did not know I was speaking in faith. That was on 15th December.
My nature was and is still that I give rice and other things for the yuletide but that time, not even a grain of rice was available.

I went to PRAY and you know what? My husband’s clients that have not paid him for sometime just and suddenly surfaced and gave him a cheque , I dropped it in the bank and we went for our retreat as a Deeper life member.

Before all these, a woman came to sell some stuff at my office and I fell in love with her car and I told her, she told me the price and I knew we couldn’t afford it. But still I PRAYED and told my husband but we forgot about it.

We came back from the retreat ,the cheque was ripe my husband called me from office and said “go and meet Henry and he will take you somewhere ” truly he took me but I still didn’t get it ,Henry said “dad said we should bring a car home I was happy but never read the documents, then he went to vehicle licencing office and he called me, “ma, what’s your date of birth” I said Henry which kin question be this naw I sha gave him ,he came with the papers but I still did not read it o until leboo came back,I gave him the envelopes and said congratulations, then he carry key give me o, I opened documents o na my name dey on top am ooòo.

God bless you my darling husband
More anointing for God’s work,Good health for us,
More money into your account. Amen

I called my staff to get their balance.
One of them , when she came into the compound, said “mummy what’s this that is covered here? I said car, haa mummy, that’s how you will be telling us that you don’t have money, I just smiled. How will I explain?

That was on 29th December 2013.
I’m provoking you to still hold unto God, the God of suddenly is still alive, your desires will be granted, it’s not yet 31st December.
The miracles you wouldn’t be able to explain or describe can still happen to you, yes YOU!

It happened to me, you’re the next on the line.
You will pay ALL your debt and enter 2019 with a debt free book
Feel free to share because God still does miracles
I will read your testimonies.

Do you believe you can be the next testifier?

Temitope Obayendo
Temitope Obayendo
I am a digital content editor, health advocate and corporate communications practitioner.


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