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Pastor Kumuyi’s Son Decides for Christ, Shares His Experience (VIDEO)

It might sound strange to anyone that the son of the renowned holiness preacher, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi is just giving his life to Christ, after several years of his preaching and praying for people.

But it actually happened, as the first son of the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Jeremiah Kumuyi, openly narrated his recent encounter with Christ to the brethren at a church service, which was shared on Facebook by Olukayode Ogunmola.

The newly converted Jerry, who said “That your dad is Pastor Kumuyi doesn’t mean anything”, warned other unserious persons in the church to repent to avoid wasting their lives in hell fire. “If you are not faithful in the kingdom, you will waste your life. Being born again is the only thing that takes you to heaven. So if there is any sin you think you can get away it, it doesn’t work, because what we want to do is to make heaven at last”.

He further stressed that: “the prayers of my father doesn’t mean I’m going get to heaven, you have to make that personal decision with God. Ensure that whatever hidden thing you are still living with, should be exposed, confessed, and He will deliver you completely.

“Reason for sharing my experience with the brethren, is because I have a personal relationship with God now, and it’s completely different now. That is why I try my best to be among believers at all time, so that where and what I am today will be permanent”

The takeaway for Christian parents from this is that God’s time is the best for your child’s conversion, don’t lose hope, never give up. If it happened to FRANKLIN Graham, a rebellious son of Billy Graham, who accepted the Lord in his later years, then Jerry Kumuyi, and soonest, it will be your child’s turn.


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Temitope Obayendo
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